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10 October 2011

How is it with you?

I muse about all of the happenings over the last several months.  It seems that the Arab Spring has turned into an Autumn Action here in the US as well.   What troubles me is how much the language of our political contestants is inflamatory and condemnatory about the other side.  Why can't we talk in civil language to each other and have a civil exchange of views.  What happened to discussion?  All I hear on the news channels is yelling and condemnation.  Is it not possible for us to talk any more?  Why must the other side be so demonized?  And, it's not just here in the US, but all over.  Eveyone seems to have to have their Satan to make their own position seem more reasonable, even though it actually is just a radical, except at the opposite end of the spectrum.  Perhaps, we really do need a calming influence in the center of US politics and world-wide, if that is even possible any more.  Maybe the Mayan calendar ending in a few months could be a good thing.  Perhaps someone could learn a lesson from what has happened and we could begin all over again.  God knows that we have tried this more than once to no avail.  Oh, well, keep praying and work for peace in your individual sphere.  Remember - humility is not thinking less of yourself, it's thinking of yourself less.  Let's focus on the other's needs today.  Why not try that?

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