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07 April 2011

The National Budget

Today's current "discussions" in Washington, D.C. about the remainder of this year's budget and the new budget submitted by the chair of the House committee, appear to fail to take into consideration the impact of these ideas for reducing the public expenditures will have the poor and elderly of our country.  Many of these legislators profess to be Christian but seem to completely and totally (I know the same thing) the requisites of Matthew 25.  We have an obligation to care for the poor and less fortunate.  From what I read and hear, all of the current cuts take away from the poor, neglected, and elderly and give to the rich and famous.  There was a editorial in our local paper yesterday about how Congress is in the top 1% of the wealth and is taking care of the top 1%.  It's just wrong and just plain mean to be so calloused about the fate of the poor and marginalized in our country.  I certainly pray that both parties will come to their senses and realize that by taking care of the less fortunate, we raise ourselves up as a nation and have a much better chance of reviving our overall economy because we will be thinking of all rather than just the chosen few.  It really appears to me that the Middle Ages system of serfdom and lords hasn't really left us at all.  Let's all pray for some sense in our Congress and just a little mercy.

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