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13 October 2013

Prophetic comments

Well, here we are again.  Just been wondering about a few things since the last post.  I've been reading some of the Old Testament Prophets as a part of the daily readings.  So, I have formulated a few comments on today's society (maybe not original, but anyway thoughts about today):

  • You kill your children and call it choice.
  • You hoard all the money and call it free enterprise.
  • You cut benefits from the poor, homeless, and children and call it balancing the budget.
  • You return fathers to Mexico breaking up families and call it Immigration reform.
  • You provide generous payments to companies already raking in the cash and call it economic necessity.
  • You create violence and exploitation and call it artistic expression.
  • You act like petulant school boys and call it representing your constituents.
  • You call people nasty names and blot their reputation and call it campaigning and truth.
You are hypocrites and self-indulgent egotists.  You need to look at yourselves and stop being so self-serving.  You need to figure out how to serve the needs of others first and put your own selfish desires at the very bottom of the list.  Think of yourself last and others first.

The Great God Creator of the Universe loves and protects the poor.  You who are rich have your reward.  All of us are sinners - we controvert the will of God - and turn against the Good that is in all people.  When we concern ourselves with our own desires first and only, we are missing out on the total freedom that could be ours.  We must learn to think of others first and foremost - but it must be out of the love for God that is the origin of this service and selflessness.

May God Give  Us Peace!!