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24 August 2013


An interesting title perhaps - perhaps not.  Schedule does not permit a continuous posting like many other blogs, however, I've been wondering about some things these last several weeks and thus the title. 

Why do people who have acted immorally believe that the best way out of their fix it to act immorally again?

Why do people wonder why others always seem to have it "in" for them, yet all they do is worry and talk about their own selfish desires?

Why do "Christians" believe that others should just stay where they are? "We don't need them here!"

Why do "Christians" believe that killing a criminal is "justice"?

Why do "Christians" believe that the poor deserve what they have?  "Why should I have to help them? They're just lazy and no-account anyway."

Why does this government dictate what and how I must do to live out my Catholic faith?  I thought that the point of the First Amendment was to NOT establish a religion, but it surely seems that is exactly what the government is doing when it says that I must pay for things that I do not believe are moral activities. Yeah - secularist agenda - secularist humanism.

Why do people believe that there is no true moral value, that everything is just relative?

If a company can make personal contributions to a political campaign, why can't they be held accountable, not just as a company, but individually, for the bad choices they make that cause catastrophic problems, e.g., bank failures, oil spills.  Why don't the leaders of the companies get criminal charges for these heinous acts?

Boy, I think that old Jeremiah and Isaiah would just have a ball today trying to explain why everything is all messed up.

I think that it's really time for this country, yes, even the world, to really try the true Christian principles out for a while.  You know, love of others, caring for the poor, the homeless, the widow, the orphan, the alien.  These concepts are thousands of years old, yet we seem to have the same Medieval attitudes about collecting wealth in small circles and everyone else are the peasants.  I mean, let's really try to consider some other persons problems before worrying about our own condition.  Let's really serve the other persons needs before our own.  Let's really go out of our way to help another person no matter what the sacrifice is to my own well being.  I just wonder what would happen if an entire community, or county, or state did this.  Hmmmmm!