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09 March 2017

Peaceful coexistence

I can't help but wonder a little about how violent our language has become since the Presidential election.  It surely seems that everyone is mad about something.  As a society, we don't even seem to want to get along.  No one trust anyone.  Everyone is suspicious about the other's motives.  What can't we just set aside our prejudicial feelings and sit down with the other and have a real conversation, sharing our views, testing our theories, and then coming together for the common good.      It seems. As though each side has its own agenda and nothing in the world will prevent them from pursuing it.  

We need a good health care solution!  Can't we talk about what has worked and when're the issues are and then develop a real solution that meets everyone's needs?  Looks like the GOP is doing what they blamed the DEMs for be when the ADA was written into law.  

Does no one learn?  Why is everyone so dead set on proving their ideas are right?  Don't we understand that everyone has some wisdom and that when we work together we can actually develop some really fantastic solutions to our common problems. AND those solutions will be for the common good, bot just succumbing to someone's idea of what's right.  AND ALL OF THESE QUESTIONS ARE GOOD FOR JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING OUR LAWMAKERS ARE TRYING TO DO AT BOTH THE STATE AND NATIONAL LEVELS!!!!!  

In our state, it appears that the people have no say at all.  It appears that our political leaders are acting on the whims of certain big business cats.  

1984 - Rollerball - it all seems to be falling into place.  What was once a great experiment in collective freedom and government is quickly evolving into the same old structures that ruled in the Middle Ages.  Most of us are now the peasants who must do what the Lord of the Manor says.  I certainly hope that everyone will soon wake up and reject the course of events brewing in our capitals and stop it before it's too late!  Otherwise,  we will be burying ourselves.