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14 October 2011

Senate Vote

Well, the US Senate decided to not discuss the bill proposed to provide jobs to folks who need them badly.  It's too bad that they won't even talk about it.  I don't know for sure, but it sure seems to me that folks out there have a real problem with anything proposed by our current administration.  I'm enough of a realist to know that no one has all of the right ideas about anything, but also, no one has all bad ideas either.  It would seem to me that at least folks could talk about it. 

I get the distinct impression that someone just wants the current administration to fail and really don't care how they go about it, no matter how bad things are for everyone else.  I have had experience with relatives in the Deep South and so much of the tone of the comments we hear from the "loyal opposition" has a familiar ring to it to me.  Too bad! 

Our biggest problem in this country today is that everyone thinks that they are the source of all wisdom and that no one else has any.  I think that is really wrong headed.  Having had the opportunity to visit other places, other peoples, and other cultures, I realize that we all are really one brotherhood and that talking is a really good way to get to the root of issues and develop an appropriate solution.  Sure hope that folks in DC wake up pretty soon and get to the business of fixing the problems.  I'm afraid what will happen to the the entire world economy if they don't.

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