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10 October 2010

Opening day - A beginning

Well, this is my first effort at sponsoring an exchange of ideas about our lives.  I hope with the beginning of this blog to begin a discussion of all things we encounter each day, but from a Franciscan view.  St. Francis essentially changed his part of the world through his witness and through his travels.  I know that I'm not even close to reaching his level of spirituality or commitment, but thought that we could jointly enter into a discussion of things, events, and society from a Franciscan perspective with the idea of making a positive impact on the discussion of our contemporary life. 

This only rules are that participants must remain civil, courteous and open minded.  Keep in mind, if you wish to join the conversation, that we will be discussing events, issues, and society from a Franciscan view, so religious discussion will be a part of this dialogue.

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